ASN.1 Playground — Help

With the ASN.1 Playground, you can: ASN.1 workflow

  • compile an ASN.1 specification (upload your own or choose a popular one)
  • decode an ASN.1 message (binary or XML) to an ASN.1 value (stored in text format using the standardized ASN.1 Value Notation)
  • encode an ASN.1 value (Value Notation) to an ASN.1 message (binary or XML).

The detailed output of these operations is shown in the Console Output window. When decoding a PER message, the console output contains a detailed analysis of the way it was encoded and the significance of each of the bits that form the PER encoding.

Successful encoding and decoding operations produce output files that you can download or visualize.

We hope you'll enjoy the ASN.1 Playground. Don’t forget to try the OSS ASN.1 tools.

You may want to also check our powerful IDE, ASN.1 Studio™, which provides much more functionality than the online ASN.1 Playground, and is included with several of the OSS ASN.1 products on the Windows and Linux platforms. You can use ASN.1 Studio to graphically create or modify ASN.1 values, without writing any code.

We recommend that you use ASN.1 Studio for the final verification of a specification (schema) that you intend to publish or deploy.